Manage your Event

To Manage Your Event Visit: https://dashboard.limelightplatform.com

A) Check who has registered for your event

  1. Login to https://dashboard.limelightplatform.com  Email: zzBRxxxxx@royalbank.com (xxxxx is your 5 digit transit number)  Password: adviceevents - Need help logging in? Click here for the Step by Step.
  2. From this dashboard, click on the "Advice Events Consumer Side" arrow ">"
  3. "RBC Client Website" will appear on the line below
  4. Click on "Database" on the right side of the row
  5. Select the blue button at the top "Filter Data"
  6. Scroll to the right and find the column "grid"
  7. Enter the Event ID # in the grid filter box at the top of the column
  8. Clients that have registered for that event ID will automatically appear
Step-by-step: How to check who has registered for your event.

B) Reminder and Thanks You Emails
Reminder emails will automatically be sent to everyone registered for your event 2 days prior to the event. No further action required.
Thank you emails will not automatically be sent to everyone untill the check in app is working on the branch iPad.  Please send thank you emails to everyone who attended.

C) Event Check-in

Stay tuned - coming soon to a branch iPad near you.