Frequently Asked Questions


Don’t have a log in email or you have forgotten your login email and/or password?
Branch email address is:  zzBRxxxxx@royalbank.com (xxxxx is your 5 digit transit number).
Career sales/FP: try your own RBC email (first.lastname@rbc.com). 
Try the password: adviceevents go to dashboard.limelightplatform.com and click “Forgot Password”. Fill in your email address. An email will be sent right away. 

If you aren’t with a branch or can’t access the BR mailbox then contact Snow Le at snow.le@rbc.com and she can request personalized access for you.

Trouble registering your advice event? 
Please contact Snow Le at snow.le@rbc.com.
Need to cancel or make changes to your event?
If you have previously submitted this form and require changes, please e-mail Snow Le and Carmen Ryujin with the following information:

  • Event ID
  • Event Title
  • Date
  • Changes Required or Reason for Cancellation

How do I know who has registered for my event?
Please refer to the Manage Your Event tab for instructions on how to access the registration list.
How do I find the Event ID for my event?
Please refer to the confirmation email you received when your event was approved.  You will find your specific Event ID within that email.
How do clients register for a specific event?
Please direct the client to rbc.com/bcevents.  On the right hand side under Search for an Event clients can enter the specific Event ID for your session, click Find Events and then complete the registration page. 
Is the client registration site rbc.com/bcevents mobile friendly? 
Yes, clients can view the registration system from any device.
How do I send a Reminder Email to everyone registered?
The system will automatically send a reminder email to everyone registered for your event two days prior to the event.
How do I send a Thank You Email to everyone who attended my event?
The system will automatically send a thank you email to everyone who checked in online at the event.  The email will be sent 24 hours after the event.
I forgot to check in clients online at the event
You will need to sign into dashboard.limelightplatform.com and manually check in the guests who attended.  Provided step by step.  It is important to check off who attended ASAP so the guests will receive a thank you email and we can accurately track who registered vs who attended. 
What if I want to use my own marketing material to promote my event?
Please use the approved templates provided under the Marketing Your Event tab as they include the rbc.com/bcevents URL.
Where do I set up my email?
Go into the project labeled “RBC Events Email” and click the “Projects” button. You can start setting up your email on the Communication section of the Limelight Platform canvas. Click here to see the full guide.

What template should I select?
Please select the pre-uploaded RBC template.
How do I change the email header?

The email header has been pre-defined by RBC head office. Please do not change the header. 

How do I change the email copy?
To change email copy, go to the “event details” section of the email. Within the body you can change the event name, address, and time. You can do this by simply copying and pasting or writing in the information yourself. Once finished, click the “Save” button. 

How do I change the email body font or size?
Simply click "event details" on the left hand side and highlight the copy within the text box. Go to the text editor at the top and adjust the copy font and size.

How do I test the email before I send it?
Go to the email editor, press “Setting” in the top right corner, and select “Send Test Email”. Type in your email address and press send. A confirmation message will appear. Note: You must have an email Sender Name, Sender Email, and Subject filled in before you can send a test. 

How do I upload my email list?
See information under the Evite Tab for instructions on uploading a client list.
I received an error when I try to save my uploaded list. What could this be?
Errors are included in the pop-up message. Please review your list to correct and upload again. Common errors are incomplete emails or odd symbols included names or emails.

Is there a limit to how many emails I upload?
Yes, please do not upload over 10,000 emails at a time 

It took several minutes to save and publish my email. Is this normal?
Yes, it may take from 3-5 minutes to save and another 3-5 minutes to publish an email if you have a large email list. Please wait until the Save or Upload module goes away and do not click out.