Now that you have registered your event it is time to invite clients. 

Here are two ways to send evites to your clients:

A) Send evites from your RBC email
  1. Click on the link within 'Your Advice Event is now Online' email you received and download the customizable invite into Google Chrome
  2. Open the file (lower left hand corner, press 'keep' when you get the warning message) and the template will download into your email
  3. Forward the email and add your clients email address
  4. Cut and paste your specific event details from "Your Advice Event is now Online" confirmation email
  5. Add your name to the bottom of the email to ensure CASL compliance
  6. Send invites to clients

B) Send evites through the Limelight Registration System
  1. Prepare a client email list to upload.  Click below to see the required format.  Enter your client names and email addresses into the attached and save as a pdf.

  1. Login to https://dashboard.limelightplatform.com  Email:  zzBRxxxxx@royalbank.com (xxxxx is your 5 digit transit number)  Password: adviceevents - Need help logging in? Click the Step by Step below.
  2. RBC Invites -> Project -> Communication Edit 
  3. Fill out fields in the General and Event Details (cut and paste from your confirmation email) ->Next
  4. Schedule -  pick a date and time to send the evites to your clients -> Next
  5. Recipients – From Project Database dropdown-> Upload List  -> Browse -> attach your client list
  6. Save and Publish your evite to be sent on the scheduled date and time

Step by Step: How to send Evites